Michael McGinty (52 Ancestors; #4 Michael McGinty)

I am currently in a genealogy certificate class at Boston University. One of our first projects was to select a family and review the 1920 and 1930 census for that family. I have reviewed lots of census records over the years but I don’t know that I have looked at them in quite this way before.

michaelmcginty_photoMichael McGinty was born 22 Oct 1871 in Bellageheer, Mohill, Leitrim, Ireland. Michael was the son of Michael Ginty (b. abt. 1831 in Leitrim, Ireland) and Elizabeth McGarry.

According to family stories, Michael came to the United States about the ‘Ethiopia’ in 1893. I have yet to be able to confirm or refute this as I have been unable to find him on any manifests. Census records and other documents have him immigrating to the United States anywhere from 1883 to 1893. It’s also unclear as to what port he would of come into. However, family stories go on to state that Michael traveled from Minnesota to Chicago in yellow corduroys (an indication of being poor). He hitch hiked to Chicago which once in Chicago he got a job as a plumber.

Michael married Nellie Carolan on 10 Jun 1903 at Holy Family Church in Chicago. Nellie and Michael had five sons: John Patrick McGinty (b. 24 May 1904), Thomas Edward McGinty (b. 28 Dec 1905), Arthur J. McGinty (b. 24 Jan 1908), Francis P. McGinty (b. 02 Apr 1910) and Aloysius McGinty (b. 22 Nov 1912).

Michael’s wife Nellie passed at a very young age (32) in 1913 from diptheria leaving Michael to care for his 5 sons. Aloysius passed at the age of 3 in 1915. Francis died young at the age of 13 in 1923.

In reviewing the 1920 census, I was able to find Michael, his sister Mary and his four sons (Francis was still alive) living at Arthingston Street in Chicago. Michael’s occupation was listed as plumber. He is also listed as a 45 year old, white male who immigrated in 1890.

Michael, his sister Mary and his three sons were found 10 years later at Polk Street living in Chicago. Michael’s occupation was listed as plumber but we also know that he drove street cars.

Michael passed away 22 May 1943 from pneumonia. Michael is buried at Mount Carmel cemetery at block 4, section U, lot N19, grave 4.

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