Patrick Kinney (52 Ancestors, #8 Patrick Kinney)

A recent post shared some experiences which I’ve had with DNA and the fact that I’ve recently reconnected with people (some now confirmed cousins) whom we suspected we shared a common ancestor. It was suspected that my 2nd great grandfather Andrew Kinney along with several other gentlemen found in Fond du Lac in the 1860 census were brothers. A recent DNA match notification has provided confirmation that one of those gentlemen, Patrick Kinney, is a brother or relative of Andrew Kinney. While Patrick isn’t one of my ancestors, I wanted to share what information I did have about Patrick to help our research.

Patrick Kinney was born 17 Mar 1820 in Ireland (unsourced). I don’t have any information on when Patrick arrived in the United States but it appears that he came via New York.

Patrick’s first son, John Francis, was born in New York.  His baptism was witnessed by John W. Gill who was also from Ireland and was the roadmaster responsible for the Sheboygan and Fond du Lac railroads. 

Patrick married Mary Bridget Leahy (b. 02 Feb 1827, Ireland; d. 15 Nov 1901, FdL). Patrick and Mary had four children:

  • John Francis Kinney (b. 05 Dec 1854, New York)
  • Ellen Kinney (b. 1857, Fond du Lac)
  • Margaret Kinney (b. 17 Feb 1859, New York)
  • Mary Kinney (b. Abt 1860, Fond du Lac)

We see that Patrick is found in the federal census with his wife and family in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Patrick also registered for the Civil War draft in 1863.  Patrick passed away in Fond du Lac on 01 Jul 1891 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery on 03 Jul 1891.

Unfortunately the amount of information that I have on Patrick is limited.  I’m looking forward to learning more about Patrick.

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