Howard Robinson Wheeler (52 Ancestors, #9 Howard Wheeler)

Howard Robinson Wheeler was born 05 Jun 1894 in Derby, Connecticut.  Howard was the son of John Edward Wheeler and Carra Inez Tuttle.  While born in Derby, Connecticut, Howard was raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  Howard lived in Holyoke until his 23rd birthday when he joined the Army.

Recruited from Holyoke, Massachusetts, Howard served in the Army from 22 Jun 1917 to 13 Mar 1919.  During his time in the Army in the Medical Detachment, 70th Acty, C.A.C., Howard attained the rank of sergeant.  Upon completion of his two year commitment to the Army, Howard returned to Holyoke.

Howard was only in Holyoke for a short time when he proceeded to Canada in search of work.  While working in Canada, Howard met his wife to be, Honore MIllicent Mackenzie.  Honore and Howard were married on 13 Mar 1923 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Four months later their first child, William Stamford Wheeler, was born.  Their second child, Diane, was born in 1925.

In 1929, the Wheelers left Canada so that Howard could get better employment.  Howard obtained a job as a clerk where he stayed employed until his retirement.

Howard passed away on 03 Mar 1978.  On 07 Mar 1978, Howard was buried at Ft. Snelling Cemetery located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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