5 Minutes w/ an ancestor

I’m not sure where I saw it but I came across a question something along the lines of “if you could have 5 minutes with any ancestor who would it be, any why?” I saw this question over a week ago and it has been sitting in the back of my mind ever since. I honestly couldn’t decide. Many ancestors I wanted to talk to in order to ask questions about their ancestors (yes, these are my brick walls). In another case one person that I wanted to spend 5 minutes with was my maternal grandfather because he passed away before I was born.

2 thoughts on “5 Minutes w/ an ancestor

  1. Good question! Without a doubt I’d want to talk to my grandmother who chose not to have a relationship with any of her 6 children or their families until just before she passed. I would want to know what she had to say to all of us — was she regretful? was she just cold? what were her reasons?

  2. Great selection! I see a number of people around me that alienate siblings and other family members (in many cases it is money). I personally can’t imagine something being so bad to think or say that I am not going to talk to my family again. Thanks for sharing!

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