William Alexander Mackenzie (52 Ancestors, #13, William Mackenzie)

My great grandfather on my fathers side (William S. Wheeler, Honore M. Mackenzie, William A. Mackenzie) immigrated to Canada from Scotland.  William Alexander Mackenzie was born 15 Oct 1858 in Cupar, Fife, Scotland.  William Mackenzie is the son of William Mackenzie (b. 11 Sep 1828, d. 11 Apr 1893) and Elizabeth Boyd (b. Abt 1833, 29 Sep 1915).  William, his seven siblings and his parents were found in the 1861 census in Cupar, Fife, Scotland where his father was listed as a gas engineer.  In 1871 William and his family, while still in the county of Fife, had moved from Cupar to Dunfermline Burgh at 17 Rolland Street.  In 1881, William is found with his family at the same address where his occupation was listed as a ‘linen salesman’.  William emigrated to Canada in 1885.

William arrived in Canada in 1885 and settled in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.  Four short years after settling in Brandon, William married Elizabeth Speers Green (b. 07 Feb 1867, d. 26 Apr 1938) in Brandon on 17 Sep 1889.  William Alexander Junior was born four months after their marriage.  In 1897, William and his family moved from Brandon to Kenora, Ontario, Canada.

William owned and operated a department store in Kenora and also became the president of the board of trade.  William and his wife “Lizzie” had five children (William, Storemont, Harry, Odette and Honore).  William passed away 26 April 1938 and is buried at the Lake of the Woods cemetery located in Kenora.


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