Ushering in the Next Generation

While doing research for our local genealogical society (, I came across a post from Jen Baldwin of FindMyPast which led me to the web site of The Next Generation Genealogy Network (NGGN).  In a nutshell, NGGN is committed to bridging the divide between different generations of genealogists.  Having attended several genealogy conferences, I can attest that younger generations (millennials) are not as well represented as GenX and Baby Boomers.

In addition, NGGN is helping societies understand that the way that we have historically managed our genealogical societies will not attract the younger generations.  For example, with less disposable income they don’t understand why they should pay to be a member.  The younger generation also expects the use and availability to use social media.  For example, this may mean that societies use YouTube and streaming content for monthly meetings.

I was so impressed with NGGN that I volunteered to help.  Due to my calendar, right now I will be serving as a Community Liaison.  I will be attending genealogy meetings and conferences and proudly waving the NGGN flag.

I am NextGen

I am NextGen

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