FTW…and a shameless plug

I’ve recited the story dozen of times.  I first got involved in genealogy in about 1999 when I discovered my Aunt Hazel’s notes.  My aunt, Hazel Wheeler, never married and tried for years to get access to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  When I found her notes, and not being familiar with the DAR or much about genealogy at the time, I attempted to submit an application on her behalf posthumously.  While the DAR didn’t have a means to accept her application, it was the launch for me in genealogy.  In 2005 I was accepted into SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) with the assistance of a cousin, Dr. Lauren Brown and then Fort Dearborn Chapter President, Bing Seibold III.

Sadly, Bing Seibold passed away in December of 2014.  Ever since that time, the Fort Dearborn chapter of the SAR has been working to fill the void.  I volunteered to assist in February 2016 as genealogist and registrar.  To help me become familiar with some of the processes, I used the opportunity to submit an application for a memorial membership for my father, William Stamford Wheeler.  I am so excited to learn that the application was approved and happy to report that my father is now a member of the SAR.  The certificate will be presented to me at the upcoming meeting in January 2017.


I am also honored and humbled to accept the invitation from the Fort Dearborn Chapter to serve as Vice President.  The picture above was taken of myself, President M. John Dyrud and Secretary, Doug Beardsley.  We were sworn in at the December 2016 meeting at the Union League Club Chicago.

You can read more about the Fort Dearborn Chapter at http://www.dearbornsar.org as well as on the Fort Dearborn Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/dearbornsar.

It’s been too long…

Yes, it has been too long.  Time seems to be get away from us.  Genealogy filing stacks up which is what led to this post.  I’ve had some family photos that needed scanning such as the the photo below.


The back of the photograph has the caption “Mother – Harry – Odette – Honore”.

Mother is Elizabeth Speers (nee Green) Mackenzie. “Lizzie” (b. 7 Feb 1867; d. 29 Jan 1958) was born in Dundee, Angus, Scotland and passed away in Kenora, Ontario, Canada.

Harry is Harry Stuart Mackenzie (b. 25 Jun 1893; d. 24 Aug 1918).  Harry was a member if the Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) and passed away fighting in World War I in France.  He is buried in Hillside Cemetery , Le Quesnel, Somme, Picardie, France.

The young lady in the top is Odette Henrietta Mackenzie (b. 16 Nov 1894; d. aft. 1940).  Odette married a prominent doctor, Dr. Albert E. Ady.  Odette is presumed to have passed away in Iowa.

The young lady in the first row is my grandmother, Honore Millicent Mackenzie (b. 7 Nov 1898; d. 27 Sep 1991).  Honore married Howard Robinson Wheeler in Winnipeg and had their first child (William Stamford Wheeler).   Howard and Honore eventually immigrated to the Unites States in International Falls, Minnesota.